A Letter from the Board of Education

Dear Blair Community, Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff and Friends,


With the announcement by Mr. Smith that he is resigning at the March 12th board meeting, we

are writing to discuss next steps, as well as plans for the future. Mr. Smith will remain as

Superintendent of Blair School through his contract which ends June 30, 2024. In the coming

weeks, the School Board will begin the process of searching for a new Superintendent. We are

committed to finding a candidate who embodies the spirit of our community and possesses the

skills necessary to propel our school forward. Our approach will be transparent and inclusive.

Your involvement is crucial. We encourage you to take part in the survey that was released last

week. It can be found on the schools Facebook page or website. The survey closes this

Friday. We also encourage you to stay informed whether it’s by attending school board

meetings or reading factual updates. Lastly, please be supportive. Be supportive of our school,

our students, our teachers, this process and the new Superintendent, once selected.


We understand that change can be challenging, but we are optimistic about the future of Blair

School. As we look forward to the future and reflect on the path that has brought us to where we

are today, we come to you with a renewed sense of purpose and collaboration. Together, we

will navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, always striving to provide the best

educational experience for our students. Rural schools often serve as the heart of their

communities, and their success is deeply intertwined with the engagement and support of local

residents, parents, businesses, and organizations. Our school benefits from a deep-rooted

connection to the community. Here, teachers know their students by name and education is

personalized, reflecting the unique needs and aspirations of each student. This stability is

crucial for fostering an atmosphere where students feel valued, understood, and motivated to

achieve their best. To everyone in our community, from long-standing residents to newcomers,

we extend an invitation to join us in this important mission. Whether by attending school board

meetings, participating in community-school events, or simply spreading the word about the

great things happening at Blair School, your support makes a difference.


As Blair alumni, residents, parents and business owners, we are honored to serve on the Blair

Board of Education. Together, we will ensure that Blair School thrives and remains a great

source of pride for our community.




Blair Board of Education

Josh Smith, President

Steve Forster, Vice President

Brandie Combs, Clerk

Brandi Boley

Jean Cargal