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Nina Armstrong signed to play softball for Western Oklahoma State College
Back Row L-R: Ayden (Alexander Graham Bell0, Carter (Jim Thorpe), Madison (Irene Sendler), Kaden (Jonas Salk), Jazmine (Sonia Sotomayor); 3rd row: Brandt (Davy Crockett), Brandon (Thomas Edison), Marvin (Sequoyah), Mrs. Taylor (Sacagawea); 2nd row; Kaleb
Back Row L-R: Kobie (John Wayne), Jarred (Henry Ford), Corbin (Leif Erikson), Drew (Abe Lincoln) 3rd Row L-R: Meadow (Pocahontas), Kenzie (Helen Keller), Harley (Paul Revere) 2nd Row: Aidan (Audie Murphy), Dylan (Thomas Jefferson), Mylea (Amelia Earhart)
Former Blair kindergarten teacher Roberta Graves learns about the Vikings from Corbin (Leif Erikson).
Trystan, speaking as Bill Gates, visits with a parent at the Living Museum.
Madison (Irene Sendler) teaches her visitor about the hundreds of lives she saved.
JJ (John Smith) teaches a visitor to the living museum about himself.
Jarred (Henry Ford) teaches a future driver about his vehicles.
Carter (Jim Thorpe) tells students of his athletic accomplishments.
Mallory (Susan B. Anthony) tells of her role in American history.
Kailyn (Rosa Parks) teaches about her civil right struggles.
JJ (John Smith) teaches some future explorers about his adventures in the New World.
Corbin (Leif Erikson) teaches about the roles the Vikings played in our history.
Ayden (Alexander Graham Bell) tells how he made long distance communication possible.
Sequoyah, or a we like to call him, Marvin, smokes on his pipe while teaching a first grader about himself.
Brandon (Thomas Edison) teaches students about his many bright ideas.
Mark (George Washington) explains his role in American history to a first grader at the Living Museum.
Brandt (Davy Crockett) teaches a first grader about the wild frontier.
Aidan (Audi Murphy) tells about his heroics in the war.
Jaylyn (Mother Theresa) talks of how she dedicated her life to helping the poor.
Honest Abe (Drew) tells an attentive first grader why he is an important historical figure.
Meadow (Pochahontas) talks about how she saved John Smith's life.
Grayson (Squanto) teaches youngsters about planting crops.
Jazmine (Sonia), Madison (Irene), and Kaden (Jonas)
Mylea (Amelia Earhart) teaches a future pilot about aviation.
A big thank you goes out to siixth grade teacher Michelle Houser and fifth grade teacher Amber Taylor for organizing the Living Museum.
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